Noise complaints

Problems with noise are often resolved by talking with your neighbour directly and working together to find a solution. In many cases, your neighbour may not be aware they are making noise that may be disturbing other residents. 

If approaching your neighbour does not resolve the problem, the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria may be able to help. They offer information and guidance for common neighbourhood disputes involving:  

  • noise
  • fences
  • trees  
  • animals  
  • drainage. 

Residential noise and prohibited times 

The Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) regulates time restrictions for residential noise. Visit the EPA website to find out how the law restricts noise from residences, animals and vehicles, including what the prohibited times are. 

These restrictions also apply to tradespeople and contractors undertaking work on residential properties. 

The prohibited times apply when the noise can be heard from inside another residential property. 

Get help from Council or Police

Any noise which occurs after hours, and is anti-social or threatening in nature, should be reported to Police on 000 at the time of the offence.

If the noise is ongoing and you have tried to resolve the issue, you can contact Council’s Environmental Health Unit for help. You will be required to keep a log with specific dates and times when the noise is occurring as evidence.

Please Note: Council is not able to investigate noise from:

  • parties
  • children playing, yelling, screaming  
  • one-off occurrences.

Any reports of anti-social or threatening behaviour should be reported to the Police.

Commercial noise

The EPA handles all noise complaints related to large commercial properties such as:

  • factories
  • industrial and trade premises
  • entertainment venues.

Visit the EPA website or call 1300 372 842 to report a noise complaint related to major industries.

Loud noise from school PA system

Noise from buildings on Council land

Please call Council’s Facilities Department on 1300 322 322 for concerns about noise from:

  • sporting clubs
  • halls  
  • community centres.

Entertainment noise

The EPA Control of Music Noise from Public Places Policy is generally referenced in a venue’s Liquor Licence and the Planning Permit.

You can call Council’s Planning Department on 1300 322 322 for information and advice about complaints related to:

  • music venues
  • outdoor music events
  • hotels
  • restaurants 
  • nightclubs.

Motor vehicle noise

A noisy vehicle that exceeds noise limits can be reported to the Highway Patrol at your local Police station. Police will assess the vehicle and can refer the vehicle to the EPA for further noise testing.

Prohibited times of Environment Protection Regulations do not apply to vehicles:

  • entering and exiting from a property
  • left idling for a short period of time.

Reports relating to noisy vehicles should be referred to the Police. Council cannot enforce noise from vehicles on a roadway. 

You can call Council’s Compliance Department on 1300 322 322 to report a noise complaint related to: 

  • recreational vehicles
  • mini bikes
  • trail bikes. 

For information about noise from general traffic flow, visit the VicRoads website or call 13 11 70 to make a complaint.

Animal noise (barking dogs)

Please visit our animal noise page for information about nuisance animals or to make a complaint.