How do I report Council tree damage to my property?

If a Council tree damages your residence or property (for example, a car or caravan), and you have had to pay insurance excess to clear the debris, the matter will need to be investigated before Council can cover the cost of the excess.

All customer requests regarding tree hazards are inspected by Council’s arborist. It would have to be established that Council has been negligent in its management of the tree prior to the event and has breached its duty of care. The fact that the event has occurred, does not mean that Council is automatically responsible.

Council currently employs five qualified arborists across multiple departments, engages independent arboricultural consultants and 4 four experienced arboricultural contractors. All outcomes of arboricultural inspections are documented in Council's Tree Asset Management systems.

In a storm event we prioritise rectification works based on risk as much as possible but there can be a delay due to the amount of damage sustained in the Municipality.

Council reactively responds to customer concerns regarding tree risk and has in place a cyclic maintenance program where trees are routinely inspected by qualified, experienced arborists, to undertake proactive maintenance and rectify any risks or defects in accordance with Australian Standards for Pruning of Amenity Trees.