Community action - be fire ready

 Frankston City is a mostly residential area, with some rural residential, industrial, commercial and rural areas. 

Fire safety is a priority for Frankston as it is home to:   

  • 55 natural reserves  
  • a number of sporting reserves   
  • 11 kilometres of foreshore 
  • more than 400 neighbourhood and feature parks. 

Plan early

  • Develop fire plans for your family, street/neighbourhood and your business.
  • Decide if you are going to stay to defend your property, or if you will leave early on high risk days.
  • Know and understand the triggers for leaving before fire threatens, and plan where you will go.
  • Identify work required around your property.
  • Clear vegetation and potential fuel from around your property.
  • Attend a local fire safety community meeting and join a local CFA Community Fireguard group.
  • Visit the CFA website to register for free property advice.

Get involved

The CFA conducts community information sessions for residents each year and hosts regular meetings with Community Fireguard Groups for local residents in a particular area.

  • Attend your local CFA Community meetings - contact your local brigade or visit the CFA website.
  • Contact your local brigade to join a Community Fireguard group in your neighbourhood.
  • Volunteer with the CFA by contacting your local brigade.

Bushfire Preparedness Program

The latest news from the Bushfire Preparedness Program is now published on the CFA website including:

  • household self-assessment tool
  • community sirens
  • stories on the latest training and volunteers involved in the program.