Severe storm

Severe storms are the most frequently damaging natural hazards and can occur Australia-wide. You can help minimise the effects of storms around your property by:

  • keeping trees healthy and trimming back branches
  • maintaining gutters and downpipes as most electrical problems occur due to ceilings being flooded.

If a storm happens in your area

  • Stay inside and find shelter away from windows and skylights.
  • If the building starts to break up, shelter in the strongest part of the house (cellar, internal room, hallway or built-in wardrobe) under a mattress, doona, or a strong table or bench.
  • Listen to the ABC 774AM for storm updates, official warnings and advice.
  • If outdoors, look for solid enclosed shelter (not a tree).
  • If driving, stop clear of trees, powerlines and streams.
  • If possible avoid using a fixed (land-line) telephone during a thunderstorm.
  • Check for damaged windows, walls or roof (temporarily cover with plastic sheeting and nailed-on wooden strips).
  • Beware of fallen powerlines, damaged buildings, trees, and flooded watercourses.
  • Do not go sight seeing.
  • Watch for emergency services personnel who will be checking your area as soon as possible.

For more information or to report damage to your house contact SES on 132 500.