Street numbering enquiries

It is the responsibility of all property owners (including owners of vacant land) to display a street number at the front of their property. 

A street number that is clear and visible to others is very important to:  

  • make sure that your mail is delivered correctly  
  • Help Police, CFA, SES and Ambulance Services easily find you in an emergency.  

Street number requirements

Your street number should be: 

  • at least 100mm in height  
  • located on the front boundary  
  • a reflective and noticeable colour   
  • as close to the driveway as possible  
  • visible from both directions.  

It should be attached to one of the following: 

  • a letterbox  
  • a post  
  • a dedicated board  
  • the boundary fence.  

Street numbering for new properties or subdivisions

You will be assigned a street number if you are doing any of the following work: 

  • building a new property  
  • building a property as a dual occupancy  
  • applying for a plan of subdivision through Council's planning department.

Once you have submitted your building plans and documents they will be referred to the Council's Rates department. You will be sent a confirmation of your street number by email. 

Property address enquiries

Please complete the property address enquiry form if: 

  • your property is on a corner and you would like the address changed to the connecting roadway 
  • you have recently bought a new or 'off the plan' property and you are having trouble connecting to third-party services
  • your third party service provider advises that your property address doesn't exist in their property records 
  • you are having trouble getting your mail delivered from Australia Post due to an address discrepancy and need confirmation of your Council approved address. 

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