Results remain high for Frankston City community satisfaction

Published on 06 September 2022

Waste and recycling at FRRRC

Frankston’s community satisfaction results have continued to climb this year with enhanced engagement with the community the most common improvement. 

Over 800 people took part in the face-to-face survey which saw Frankston City Council take the lead over metro councils with an overall community satisfaction rate of 71 per cent, compared with a metro average of 66 per cent.  

As part of Council’s annual reporting, the survey ranks and measures a range of Council services. Top results this year were:  

  • Conditions of sealed local roads 73 per cent - up 4 per cent. 
  • Community decisions 71 per cent - up 12 per cent. 
  • Lobbying and Advocacy 71 per cent - up 16 per cent. 
  • Consultation and engagement 69 per cent - up 10 per cent. 
  • Overall governance and leadership 71 per cent - up 10 per cent. 
  • Council’s performance in maintaining trust and confidence in the local community 71 per cent - up 7.5 per cent. 

Customer Service was 71 per cent, which is slightly down from last year with a 4 per cent decline.  

Mayor Nathan Conroy said this year’s strong results were on top of record levels of growth last year. “It is good to see we are continuing to meet, and outstrip, the expectations of our community. Council has put a concerted effort into our lobbying and advocacy this year and the positive results are clear.”  

This annual survey is an integral part of the Budget and Council Plan development and ensures Council can listen and respond to community needs. 

Frankston CEO Phil Cantillon commented the results highlighted the importance of community engagement and the need to ensure the community was part of Council’s decision making.  

“Our community is passionate and every individual who has provided feedback and insight into some of our major initiatives and projects is contributing to an improved Frankston City in the future,” he said.

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