Community Engagement

For us, community engagement means involving local people in decisions that interest and/or impact them.

Engagement can take many forms. From simply sharing information to getting local people directly involved in making Council decisions, it’s about helping the community to influence decisions that affect Council services, activities and plans.

When our community are engaged, they can see how their contributions make a difference to a decision, and to long term outcomes in their local neighbourhoods and wider municipality.

Our Vision for Community Engagement

Good community engagement is an essential foundation of an active and involved community.

It promotes an exchange of information and ideas between Council and the community on issues and decisions that the community are affected by, and are interested in.

Our Engagement Promise

Frankston City Council is committed to engaging and collaborating with our diverse local community, to understand and include people’s different views, experiences and expertise.

Council is committed to genuinely listening and learning from the local community to ensure community Genuinely listen and learn from the community to ensure their feedback influences Council’s decisions and project outcomes

Community Engagement Principles

Our Community Engagement Policy was adopted by Council on 1 March 2021. It sets Council’s commitment for how we will engage our community on decisions that impact and affect them, including our Engagement Principles.

Engagement Principles

Our Community Engagement Framework was endorsed by Council on 28 June 2021.

The Framework demonstrates Frankston City Council’s commitment to:

  • Developing a consistent and coordinated approach to community engagement.
  • Increasing participation and involvement in Council decisions and projects.
  • Improving awareness and understanding of community engagement as central to Council decision-making.
  • Providing guidelines and a toolkit for planning and delivering community engagement.