Initiative to establish Frankston Business and Industry Chamber

Published on 11 October 2021


A new Frankston Business and Industry Chamber is on the way after Frankston City Councillors voted unanimously to support its establishment.

As COVID restrictions ease and the Frankston business and industry community continues to recover, evolve and reinvent itself, the Chamber will advocate for and seek to revitalise the City alongside the innovators who chose to call Frankston home. It will also be charged with influencing, and delivering policies and outcomes to assist in driving economic growth and create opportunities to invest, work, live and visit the City.

North East Ward Cr Suzette Tayler said the Chamber is an important initiative that will provide critical support to the Frankston City business community, adding: “To be able to support our hard working businesses get back on track is what we are all about. I am looking forward to seeing the Chamber evolve as Council supports and drives for better economic outcomes in Frankston City.”

Former Australasian Association of Convenience Stores CEO, Jeff Rogut, has been appointed to oversee the development of the new Chamber.

Mr Rogut’s extensive business background includes working with a number of major retailers in the merchandise area, as a franchisor and franchisee, heading the Australian Centre for Retail Studies at Monash University, working in his own small retail business and also as a business coach.

Mr Rogut said: “The Chamber advocates on behalf of all forms of business – small, medium, and large – ensuring that industries are aware of current and future trends and have a say on the issues that impact upon the economic viability of business and the region,” Mr Rogut said.

Earlier this year, Council hosted an online business networking event to discuss the new Frankston Business and Industry Chamber with attendees including Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Bruce Billson, representatives from Mainstreet Australia, the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Frankston City business operators.

Deputy Mayor Nathan Conroy said: “The business community has done it hard due to the lockdowns and subsequent economic impact. But the spotlight is now on Frankston. We are our own greatest advocates, a united force driving the message forward that Frankston is the place to work, live, play and invest.

“Council is right behind our hard working and much valued business community. 

Frankston City Council has reaffirmed and underscored its support to COVID-19 recovery initiatives with a $3.86 million investment to help our community to recover from COVID-19 – taking Council’s total support in its Relief and Recovery Package to $9.128 million.

“This pandemic has created significant difficulties for residents, businesses, sporting and community groups. Council is united in its determination to support the community as it recovers from the challenges of COVID-19,” Cr Conroy said.

Cr Conroy added that business is critical to the economic life of Frankston City – that’s why the Relief and Recovery Package includes $1.352 million in grants and programs.

“This recognises and acknowledges the importance of supporting our hardworking businesses operators as well as attracting investment, growth and enhancing existing and future employment opportunities.

“Council’s support for business is underscored by $200,000 funding to re-establish the new Frankston Business and Industry Chamber,” Cr Conroy said.

Cr Conroy said: “This is an exciting initiative which will provide critical representation and advocacy to assist our business operators to thrive. The new Frankston Business and Industry Chamber will provide essential leadership to help economic recovery from the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Bruce Billson stressed how business is critical to our planned outcomes for the City. 

Mr Billson said: “We need a coherent and credible business and enterprise voice to help surface and foster ideas and possibilities. Giving a voice to our arguments, aspirations and frustrations can make a substantial difference. 

“This concept of the Chamber organisation is so crucial because it can bring that voice to public policy discussions. It can harness the collective wisdom and bring a considered argument to the table when judgements need to be made and decisions are being formed. It's collaborating with the Council,” Mr Billson said.

Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Relationship Manager, Raymond Deegan, said: “A business group creates a presence, supports its members, advocates for innovation and improvements and integrates strength in the numbers and to have your voice heard.

“Business groups are a great opportunity to engage the community and it’s an opportunity to have events, bring businesses together, share ideas, facilitate other ways of education and help each other,” Mr Deegan said.

Frankston businessman Adam Wood, CEO of, said: “I hope this Chamber will take an aerial view of Frankston City to do everything it can to make it a vibrant, progressive and attractive city for business and investment.”

Cr Conroy stressed that the formation of the new Frankston Business and Industry Chamber will be led by the Frankston business community, adding: “Council will be forming an industry representative working group to lead the design and delivery of the Chamber.” 

To participating in the working group, please contact Council on 1300 322 322 or email