Local Laws for Trees

Tree Protection Local Law 2016 No.22

The Tree Protection Local Law came into effect on 8 April 2016 and aims to:

  • protect our community forest by maintaining tree canopy on private land
  • require a minimum standard of tree pruning for the protection of trees and public safety
  • protect and enhance the amenity and environment of Frankston

A Local Law permit is required to:

  • remove, damage, kill or destroy...
  • prune, cut, trim, top more than one-third (1/3) of the outer-edge of the canopy...
  • undertake any works that encroach within more than 10 per cent of the Tree Protection Zone*...

...any tree with a trunk circumference equal to or greater than 110cm (centimetres) measured at the base.

In some cases a Planning permit may be required to prune or remove a tree or vegetation. Please contact Council’s Planning and Environment department before making an application.

Clearing trees for bushfire protection 

Previous exemptions allowing residents across the municipality to remove trees within 10m of a dwelling and clear vegetation along fence lines for bushfire protection have been changed. This now only applies within areas recognised to be a bushfire risk area (mapped as BPA Bushfire Prone Area). If your residence falls outside the BPA mapped area you need to apply to remove trees using a Planning or Local Law permit, as they are no longer exempt from requiring a permit.

You can determine if your property is in a BPA mapped area by viewing the bushfire layers map on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.

For more detail, see state-wide amendment to Clause 52.12 (Bushfire Protection: Exemptions) of the Planning Scheme can into effect 5 August 2020.  

To determine which permit form you need to complete, depending on your location, phone: 1300 322 322 and ask for the Planning Department.