New red bin lid to improve our recycling efficiency

Published on 26 October 2022

Red bin green bin

The change allows for all Councils to provide a consistent message to residents resulting in improving the understanding of what goes into each bin and reduces waste to landfill.

The change is easy. Residents simply take out their garbage bin on their regular bin night and leave it out until close of business on their collection day. Council will then swap the lids over, recycling old bin lids in the process.

Unlike some other Councils, Frankston City only needs to make this one change to be consistent with the Victorian standards. It’s also a relatively low-cost exercise supported by the Victorian Government.

Frankston City Council Mayor Nathan Conroy said: “The changes make it easier for residents to identify where their waste and recycling should go, further reducing resource loss that occurs when items are incorrectly placed in bins.”

“We needed a clear message on which bin corresponds to which waste or recycling product. We’ll no longer have two green bins, which sometimes creates confusion when communicating ways to divert waste from landfill.”

Under the new system, green lids are for food and garden waste, yellow is for recycling, and red for rubbish.

“The change is easy – simply take your garbage bin out to your nature strip on your regular bin night, and we’ll swap the lid over for you,” said the Mayor.

The changes are part of the State Government’s target for all councils to divert 80 per cent of waste from landfill by 2030.

To support this direction, Frankston City Council is exploring a number of waste circularity initiatives that can further reduce landfill, including the new red lid bin. Other initiatives will be announced to the community in early 2023 and follow community feedback and suggestions as part of the development of our Waste Circularity Plan.

The move is set to improve waste circularity, with more products being reused and recycled.

“Increasing waste circularity has a positive effect on our environment, slowing down the use of precious finite resources and producing less waste to landfill. It also has economic benefits, stimulating innovation, new business activity and employment,” said Mayor Conroy.

“Together, we can improve our recycling efforts and reduce waste to landfill, helping our environment and economy along the way,” said Mayor Conroy.

To learn more about the changes and for frequently asked questions, visit the New red bin lids page.

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