Men As Role Models Mentoring Program

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An innovative approach to primary prevention of violence

What is Men As Role Models (MARM)?

The MARM is a new innovative mentoring pilot program that aims to support and develop boys and men to be the best version of themselves and become leaders in respect and gender equality in their communities.

Both mentees and mentors will be coached to reflect and build upon on their core values and beliefs that encourage behaviours and actions that promote a community of respect, community safety and connection.

To help promote the program, Council is hosting a free online community forum that is equal parts funny and inspiring with special guest: AFL Sydney Swans Co-Captain Josh P. Kennedy who will talk about the benefits of mentoring and importance of positive male role models.

MARM | Online Community Forum
7pm – 8:30pm
Tuesday 19 July 2022
Book for FREE tickets to the Community Forum

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship between two people that aims to guide, support, encourage, and empower a person to achieve positive personal growth and healthy relationships.

Successful mentoring relationships rely on mutual trust, respect, values, empathy, connectedness and healthy boundaries. Mentorships are reflective and forward facing that is goal and growth oriented for both parties.

What’s in it for me?

For mentees:

  • Be partnered with a mentor with similar interests and experiences to your own
  • Opportunities to participate in unique activities and learn new practical skills
  • A trusted independent mentor you can talk to outside of family and school

For mentors:

  • Professional development in leadership, respect and gender equality
  • Formal volunteer experience and professional reference for resume use
  • Join a community of practice with like-minded individuals and organisations

How does it work?

Frankston City Council has partnered with Whitelion Youth as the lead mentoring agency providing day-to-day support and Jesuit Social Services as the specialist trainer and advisor in healthy masculinities and gender equality.

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Both agencies will provide all necessary training and will support participation in a wide range of exciting activities such as boating, fishing, woodworking with Frankston based volunteer agencies.

How will the MARM be facilitated?

  • Interested participants sign up for pilot
  • Participants screened for eligibility
  • Participants interviewed and confirmed
  • Training for mentors commenced
  • Mentorships assigned
  • Mentoring under way (commitment of 2 hours per fortnight for 6 months)
  • Attendance at monthly ‘community of practice’ catch-ups
  • Completion of pilot
  • Formal evaluation of pilot
  • Opportunity for mentoring to continue beyond pilot

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