Shared Cost Fencing Program


We may be able to contribute to the cost of replacing boundary fencing when your property is adjoining council owned property through councils Shared Cost Fencing Program.

Your property may be eligible to enter into Council Shared Cost Fencing program if your property adjoins:

  • Council occupied land such as community centres or preschools
  • Council owned parks or reserves (excluding Crown land where Council is the committee of management)

    Your property is not eligible for the Shared Cost Fencing Program if your property adjoins:

  • Roads, road reserve, laneway, right of way or walkway
  • Drainage Reserve
  • Land owned by other service authorities such as Melbourne Water, Vick Track etc.

We will contribute a set amount of per lineal meter based on the market average (reviewed annually) of a standard paling fence including demolition. For more information on the Shared Cost fencing Program and what council may contribute please review the Facts Sheet(PDF, 383KB) and Application Guide.

How much will we contribute?

For Shared Cost Fencing Program approved applicants, council will contribute a flat rate of $65.00 (ex GST) and $71.50 (inc GST) per lineal meter of fencing replaced, this amount is inclusive of demolition costs.

This rate is based on a standard paling fence at the current market value and subject to an annual review.

Council will not backdate payments for works already completed, works completed without correct Permits in place or any fencing not meeting Council specifications.

How do I apply?

Read the Shared Cost Fencing Program Fact Sheet(PDF, 383KB) to check if you are eligible.

Check what permits you may need. Permits may include a:

You are responsible for ensuring you have the correct permits and have met all Council requirements, restrictions and planning schemes before commencing work. Visit our planning and building page for more information.

You may also need to submit a quote for fencing works with your application. To learn more about the application process please read the Shared Cost Fencing Program Application Guide(PDF, 108KB).

Call us on 1300 322 322 or visit one of our Customer Service Centres to apply.