Local history no mystery thanks to Council history curriculum project

Published on 18 June 2021

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Students are learning about Frankston’s rich past thanks to a history curriculum project supported by Frankston City Council.

Frankston Historical Society President Glenda Viner, who helped to prepare the history curriculum package, described it as a great initiative.

“It’s important for students to have a deeper understanding of Frankston’s remarkable history,” Ms Viner said.

South Ward Cr Liam Hughes said the past informs the present and an understanding of Frankston’s history has valuable lessons for today’s students.

“The history package spans from Frankston’s initial indigenous inhabitants to modern European settlement. It’s great to see students at Frankston City schools learning about the place they call home,” Cr Hughes said.

Council provided financial support for the history curriculum project and also convened meetings with interested parties including Ms Viner to formulate the package.

Material in the package, which has been made available digitally to local schools, includes indigenous history and beliefs, European settlement and significant milestones in Frankston’s history.

McClelland College Year 7 student Lia describes the curriculum package as invaluable, adding: “It makes you feel like you’re looking into another world and in a way, you are. It was a fascinating experience to view these records of our history and use them as a resource for my project.

“It was a new experience being able to see what Frankston was like and compare how it used to be to how it is now,” Lia said.

McClelland College Assistant Principal Karin Miller said: “To understand the rich and unique story of Frankston and its surrounding areas is an important stepping stone in our students’ journey through the world of history.”

Ms Miller added: “One must understand the history and context of where they live to better explore and understand the histories of others.

“The ability for our students to seamlessly be able to analyse and evaluate the history of Frankston through the Frankston History Curriculum package has been invaluable.

“Furthermore, history is about storytelling and the passing down of key learnings and events. The Frankston History Curriculum package allows for our students to continue to pass down the history of Frankston to friends, family and community members,” Ms Miller said.

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