Calls to build a new home for the Frankston Volunteer Coast Guard

Wednesday 18 July 2018

The Frankston Volunteer Coast Guard needs a new permanent home, after their headquarters were declared unsafe by the Building Inspector.  It was agreed to demolish the building.

According to Frankston City Mayor Colin Hampton, Council has supported the Coast Guard in securing temporary accommodation.

“Although they will need to vacate their waterfront premises by the end of July, we understand the importance of the Volunteer Coast Guard continuing their important operation and training activities for the safety of all marine users and have made an effort to secure them temporary accommodation  at the Mechanics Institute,” said the Mayor.

However the temporary accommodation does not allow for all of the Volunteer Coast Guard’s equipment to be stored with them onsite.

“We are still looking for a separate and suitable location and accommodation for the secondary boat and vehicle together with the ancillary boat equipment,” said the Mayor.

“In the long run, the Frankston Volunteer Coast Guard will need a new and permanent home, which will ideally be established at the base of Olivers Hill.”

The Frankston Volunteer Coast Guard has been a significant part of the Frankston community since 1965.

According to their Media Officer Ronald Lyon, members were devastated to find out their home had been declared unfit for use.

“Members were very proud of this building which stored all of our equipment and allowed us to carry out all of our training and administrative tasks. Many members of the community will remember it as the place they got their boat license,” said Mr Lyon.

“Finding a temporary facility that will accommodate all this will be difficult but imperative. Thankfully our on water activities will continue as normal providing the usual service of assistance to the public.”

According to the Mayor, Frankston’s beach is one of the most popular in the state.

“Our Volunteer Coast Guard is an essential maritime safety service to the recreational boat users who make the south east of Port Phillip Bay the busiest water body in Victoria,” said Cr Hampton. 

“Frankston is well located at the centre of this area and Council is pleased to host the Coast Guard who help keep swimmers and boat users safe.” 

Recently, Council was delighted that Minister for Emergency Services James Merlino visited Frankston to announce a replacement search and rescue vessel, and engine upgrades for the Frankston Volunteer Coast Guard.

“This was a welcome commitment and highlights the need for the state and federal government to work together, to future-proof the Frankston Waterfront,” said the Mayor.

“We look forward to funding announcements for a new Coast Guard Building and a Safe Boat Refuge, which was adopted as a strategic priority for the city in 2017.”

A safe boat refuge would provide protection for small boat users accessing the Olivers Hill Boat Ramp in all weather conditions.

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