Bin Inspections

When the wrong things are placed in a bin, the bin is considered contaminated. Contamination makes the bin collection service more expensive, compromises the sorting of materials, and poses a risk to the workers involved in this sorting. Contamination can therefore result in the recycling or food and garden waste being sent to landfill.

That's why we regularly conduct bin inspection audits for household recycling and food and garden waste bins, to check if waste is being disposed of correctly. 

Contaminated bins receive a warning or ‘contamination’ sticker, which notifies the household that incorrect items have been found in their recycling/ food and garden waste bin. Contaminated bins are not emptied on collection day and will not be collected until the offending items have been removed.

Repeated bin contamination can result in a fine or the removal of the collection service. 

Visit our bin information page for information on what can and can’t go in your recycling, food and garden waste and garbage bins.

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