Integrated Transport Strategy: a vision for a greener future

Published on 15 September 2022

Integrated Transport Strategy

The Connecting Communities paper, a draft Integrated Transport Strategy - created after consultation with the Community – seeks to address Frankston City’s growing population which is putting a strain on our transport infrastructure and environment.  

The 55-page Paper is up for Consultation with the Community, who can engage with Council until 2 October, either:  

The draft Strategy takes into account that by 2041 there will be an additional 21,463 people in Frankston City, taking the population to 163,610 people.  

At the moment, Frankston City is one of the most car-dependent Cities of Greater Melbourne with 92,000 car trips of under 3km per day. “Creating more walkable neighbourhoods, a greater cycling network, and integrated public transport will all help Frankston grow more sustainability and protect the liveability that makes Frankston great,” proposes the Paper as a way to reduce car dependency. 

Planning for the City’s future transport needs now means Frankston can be:  

  • healthier
  • safer
  • better connected
  • sustainable
  •  inclusive

Once the consultation period ends on 2 October, Council will review feedback and the final document developed from October to November 2022. The final Integrated Transport Strategy will be adopted by early 2023. 

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