Council’s commitment to sustainability underscores road upgrade

Published on 26 May 2021

Frankston City Council has partnered with Sustainability Victoria to deliver a $1.25 million project featuring materials including plastics recovered from Council recycling collection services to reconstruct Brighton Street, Frankston South.

Council will fund $950,000 of the project with Sustainability Victoria contributing $300,000 via the Sustainable Infrastructure Fund, on behalf of the Victorian Government.

South Ward Cr Claire Harvey said the construction of a pedestrian footpath, kerb and channel and indented parking, drainage upgrades, road resurfacing and traffic management improvements along Brighton Street, between Humphries Rd and Baden Powell Drive, is possible thanks to a $300,000 grant from Sustainability Victoria to strengthen markets for recycled materials and to transform our recycling sector through principals of a ‘circular economy’.

Cr Harvey said: “Works will address issues such as speeding and 'rat-running' and provide improved road safety particularly for pedestrians with the provision of paved footpaths.

“An 800 metre long pedestrian footpath, a trial section of kerb and channel and a parking bay will be constructed using Polyrok (as part of this trial) which is made from recovered soft plastics replacing part of stone in the concrete mix.

“The project also features 867m of The Green Pipe – made from 100 per cent recycled plastic such as milk bottles – to be installed underground and 408 tonnes of Reconophalt asphalt using recycled plastic, toner from printer cartridges and crushed glass to be laid to resurface the road,” Cr Harvey said.

Cr Harvey said the use of three innovative products containing recycled materials to deliver community infrastructure which lasts, is more environmentally friendly and highlights Council’s commitment to sustainability and reducing recoverable wastes going into landfill.

The project is expected to be complete by the end of August 2021. For more information, please visit 

For more information about the Sustainable Infrastructure Fund, please visit

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