Community Vision reflects Frankston City aspirations

Published on 22 July 2021


The priorities and aspirations of Frankston City residents have been captured in the Community Vision 2040, following 10 months of intensive community consultation.

North-West Ward Cr Sue Baker said the Community Vision was adopted at the 28 June meeting, along with the 2021–2025 Council Plan and Budget.

“The true essence of what our residents value most has been captured in the Community Vision 2040. It highlights what the community values today and what their hopes are for tomorrow.

“Over 800 people participated in shaping their Vision, through an inclusive and deliberative process that included a 46-member Community Panel of residents.

“We couldn’t be prouder of the outcome. Local residents have put in their own words what they want for the future of our municipality, in terms of its look, feel and liveability,” she said.

“Residents said they want our City to be a well-connected and safe community with a unique identity – to be the place on the bay to learn, live, work and play in a vibrant and culturally inclusive community.

“Our community want to continue to enjoy the natural assets, protect our environment and work together to actively address climate change, and have easy access to green spaces and opportunities to be physically active. These are significant factors in our community feeling positive about the years ahead.”

Frankston City Council Acting Chief Executive Officer, Kim Jaensch thanked everyone who helped shape the new Vision.

“The Community Vision will help guide Council and the community towards a better and brighter Frankston City.”   

Ms Jaensch thanked Council officers for facilitating the community consultation and bringing the Vision together.  

“I’d like to acknowledge the members of our Community Panel who put in many hours of their time and worked really hard to bring this Community Vision together.

“The Community Vision has helped shape the strategic priorities and directions in the four-year Council Plan which is established at the start of each Council term.”

Read the Community Vision 2040 here

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