Fresh Entertainment (Freeza)

Opportunities exist for people aged 12-24 years who have an interest in event management, music performance, music production, audio engineering, song writing, photography, graphic design, video production, marketing, promotion, and project management. 

All programs and projects are facilitated and supported by Youth Workers. 

Fresh Entertainment

A committee of youth volunteers who plan and organise live music events such as Open Mic Nights, Music Competitions, band nights, as well as a stage at the Waterfront Festival. All events are drug, alcohol and smoke-free in a supervised and safe venue. Committee members develop skills in event management, marketing and production, as well as developing friendship and networks. 

Frankston Youth Recording Studio

The Frankston Youth Recording Studio exists to showcase youth talent to the broader community in order to promote the positive contribution young people can make within their communities.  Volunteer audio engineers and music producers are trained, resourced, and supported so that they can develop their own initiatives and projects at the recording studio with young local musicians and performers. To book, email

Open Mic Night

Fresh Entertainment host an All Ages Open Mic Night, where local musicians can showcase their talents. You can either register on the night or prior by emailing

Bay Sounds  The Bay Sounds Compilation

The Bay Sounds Compilation CD is a project produced by Fresh Entertainment (Frankston FreeZA) and managed by Amber Mic Productions. The CD showcases a selection of upcoming musicians from the Frankston/Peninsula region. As the name suggests the CD portrays "Sounds of the Bay" (incorporating local music with a chilled acoustic vibe). Each track on the CD is original and written by the local musicians.

Consisting of 15 tracks, the Bay Sounds Compilation CD features one track each from upcoming Frankston/Peninsula local musicians Bec Johnston, Ben Jansz, Maddy Herbert, Sam O’Connell, Jay Walks, Daisy Spratt, Chris Hoffmann, Pupyise, Pocketwatch Knight, Andy Seymour, Bros Kelly, Bastian Merson, Laura Mac, Ash Honan and Melanie Grace.

Listen to some of the artists

Fresh Entertainment: Andy Seymour Fresh Entertainment: Ash Honan Fresh Entertainment: Bec Johnston Fresh Entertainment: Ben Jansz Fresh Entertainment: Bros Kelly Fresh Entertainment: Daisy Spratt Fresh Entertainment: Jack Green and Melanie Grace Bay Sounds CD

Listen or buy Bay Sounds

Interested in performing at an event?

Fresh Entertainment love supporting local and up-coming young artists. Freeza events provide an opportunity for young people to perform and gain experience on stage.

Opportunities, both volunteer and paid, are available to DJs, bands, soloist and duos.

If you are interested in performing at an event, please fill out this form

Contact Us

Fresh Entertainment
20 Ebdale Street
Frankston, Victoria 3199
P. 03 9768 1366

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