Pool and spa registration

Mandatory Registration

New legislation was introduced on Sunday 1 December 2019 whereby owners of a pool or spa are required to register it with their local council by 1 June 2020, and have their safety barrier inspected once every four years.

The new laws apply to swimming pools and spas that are capable of holding more than 300mm (30cm).  This includes relocatable and temporary swimming pools and spas.

For more information on the legislation visit the Victorian Building Authority website. 

Apply to Register your Swimming Pool or Spa

Registration costs $79 which includes a registration fee of $31.80 and a mandatory records search fee of $47.20.

How to apply

(Please note only the owner of the property can apply to register a swimming pool/spa. If you are a tenant and unsure if your pool or spa is registered with Council please contact your property manager directly).

To apply to register your swimming pool or spa you will need:

  • The property address - where the swimming pool or spa is located
  • Your contact details
  • An estimation of the date the swimming pool or spa was constructed/erected. (If the age of your pool/spa cannot be verified, the current safety standard will be applied.)
  • Your credit card details (to pay the registration fee)


Register Permanent Pool or Spa

Register Temporary/Relocatable Pool/Spa

If you are not able to apply online

What will happen next?

Once your application to register your swimming pool or spa has been received and processed, the Building Services Team will assess the information provided in your application and inform you in writing (via post or email) that the swimming pool or spa has been registered, including details of the following:

  • The new regulations and applicable barrier standard(s);
  • The owner’s appeal rights under reg 144(2); and
  • The dates by which you must engage a certified swimming pool and spa inspector to inspect and certify the compliance of your safety barrier and lodge certificate of compliance with council (refer to table below).

Swimming Pool and Spa Construction Date

First Certificate of Swimming Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance Due Date (Form 23)

30 June 1994 or earlier

1 June 2021

From 1 July 1994 until 30 April 2010

1 June 2022

From 1 May 2010 until 31 May 2020

1 June 2023

Constructed without a building permit before 1 June 2020

From 1 June 2021

On or after 1 June 2020

At the time of applying for registration

The date the relocatable swimming pool was last erected as specified in the application form (Form 22)

No later than 30 days after the date the pool was registered


1 June 2021


The Victorian Building Authority’s pool and spa safety barrier self-assessment checklist:

To help you prepare for the mandatory registration of pools and spas, please review the checklists provided by the Victorian Building Authority.

Barrier Inspections 

Once your swimming pool or spa has been registered, you need to arrange an inspection of the safety barrier to determine if the barrier is compliant with the applicable barrier standard.

An inspection of your pool or spa barrier can only be carried out by:

  • a registered building surveyor
  • a registered building inspector

Search for a registered building practitioner

Council will not perform the certification inspection.

Council’s role will be to follow up on those that do not register their swimming pools or spas or have not had their barriers inspected and certified. Council will only inspect pools to confirm that a pool/spa has been decommissioned

Inspections and compliance


Failing to register your swimming pool or spa before 1 June 2020 carries a maximum fine of $1,652.20

Further resources 

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Royal Lifesaving 

For more information, visit the Victorian Building Authority website. 

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