Information includes Building permits, fact sheets, certificates, request for copies of plans and documents.

Report and Consent Dispensation Applications

Building Services Information

Responsibilities, key functions of Building Services and industry updates.


Building Certificates and Property Information Forms

Information on Building Certificates and property information.

Building Permits

Building Permits

A Building Permit is generally required for all building works.


Cladding Taskforce

Council is working with the Victorian Building Authority on any properties potentially affected with cladding issues.

Concerns and Compaints Introduction

Dangerous buildings, illegal works and disputes

How to lodge a general building concern with Council.

Public Entertainment and Temporary Structures

Public Entertainment and Temporary Structures

Information if your organising an event with temporary structures.

Report and Consent/Dispensation

Report and Consent/Dispensation

Information regarding Report and Consent/Dispensation requirements.

Pool Registration

Pool and spa registration

New safety laws for private pool and spa owners.

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