Municipal Emergency Management Plan

Preparing For Emergencies

Find information on preparing for emergencies.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Emergency Contacts

A quick reference of emergency telephone numbers and website.

Food Safety during an Emergency

Food Safety During an Emergency

Information on Food Safety During an Emergency.

Emergency Plans and Kits

Get Prepared for an Emergency

Plan. Prepare. Practice. Be Prepared with Emergency Plans and Kits.

Municipal Emergency Management Plan

Municipal Emergency Management Plan

Council's Plan for Emergencies in Frankston City.

Recoverying from a Emergency

Recovering from an Emergency

It is vital to take care of yourself during the recovery process.

What is an Emergency

What is an Emergency

Think about what you and your family or household might do in an emergency.

What to do in an Emergency

What to do if an Emergency occurs

Useful information including contact numbers if an emergency occurs.

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