Child and Family Plan

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The Child and Family Plan 2014-2018 is Frankston City Council’s strategic plan for how we will work in partnership with government, service providers and the community to provide high quality services and infrastructure that build positive outcomes for children aged 0-12 years and their families.  

The Child and Family Plan, which is also our Municipal Early Years Plan, will assist the Council along with our partners to:

  • Work towards a shared vision for children and their families
  • Better understand the diversity of our children, families and communities and be more responsive to their different needs, strengths and challenges
  • Identify the areas that require the strongest focus so we can work together to support children and their families and make a real difference
  • Make evidence informed decisions about services, programs and facilities for children and their families

To develop the Plan we undertook extensive community consultation to capture the diverse voices of our children and their families, along with the agencies that provide them with services. These voices were embedded into a strong evidence base to provide a clear understanding of our community and the priority areas where our effort should be focused. This process was overseen by the Frankston Child and Family Partnership, who were actively involved in reviewing the evidence base and testing the priority areas.

The Plan is made up of four parts, which when viewed together tells the story of how children are growing up in Frankston City along with the rationale for what we will be doing to promote positive outcomes for children.

Our Vision for Children and Families

Our vision is to work in partnership to ensure that every child enjoys the best start in life by being given the opportunities to learn, develop and grow so they can reach their full potential.

Our objectives are:

  • to have a planned City for children and their families; and
  • for children and their families to have good health and wellbeing.

Our Priority Areas for Children and Families

To achieve our objectives and realise our vision for children and their families, we will focus our efforts in the following three priority areas:

1. Plan for future growth so Frankston is a family friendly City where children can learn, develop and grow

Strategies for action:

  • Plan for the City’s growth and sustainability
  • Advocate for joint investment in local infrastructure to encourage access to universal services
  • Promote clean and welcoming open spaces where children and their families feel safe and connected
  • Promote children’s sense of community pride and responsibility for the environment
  • Ensure children and their families have access to positive recreation opportunities

2. Lead the development of an accessible universal service system that strengthens outcomes for children and their families

Strategies for action:

  • Embed a culture of evidence informed planning, practice and evaluation into service delivery
  • Promote collaboration and understanding between services to improve integration and seamless service delivery
  • Advocate to government for service system improvements
  • Ensure families have the information they need
  • Engage children in decision-making to ensure their voices are heard

3. Strengthen early childhood development and improve support for children through the middle years

Strategies for action:

  • Deliver high quality universal services that are inclusive for all families to give children the best start in life
  • Deliver targeted services and programs to support families who are vulnerable, or at risk of becoming vulnerable
  • Work in partnership with government, services and the community to ensure children live in healthy and safe home environments with positive family relationships
  • Promote early learning and development to strengthen children’s early language and literacy
  • Connect families to build supportive networks and participate in the community
  • Provide leadership on the impact of family violence and other trauma on children’s learning and development
  • Work in partnership with government, services and the community to improve the health and wellbeing of children
  • Promote support for children in the middle years so they can continue to learn, develop and grow

Further information

Download a copy of the Frankston City Child and Family Plan 2014-2018 from the Related Documents.

If you require the Plan in a language other than English, or an alternate format, please contact Customer Service on 1300 322 322.