Sick or Injured Animals

If you find a sick or injured animal, you can contact a number of networks for assistance. Local veterinary clinics, local animal shelters and Australian Wildlife Assistance Rescue and Education (AWARE) can assist.

  • Australian Wildlife Assistance Rescue and Education (AWARE) - 0412 433 727
  • Animalia Wildlife Shelter and Rescue Brighton to Portsea including Frankston 24 hour Emergency Hotline 0435 822 699
  • Help for Wildlife Emergency Service - 0417 380 687
  • Peninsula Animal Aid - 03 5978 6811
  • Wildlife Help On Mornington Peninsula (WHOMP) 0417 380 687
  • Wildlife Victoria (03) 8400 7300

Foxes and Rabbits

Any enquiries or complaints relating to foxes should be directed to the Department of Primary Industries. This includes the trapping of foxes and disposal of their carcasses. For further information contact Department of Primary Industries, phone 136 186.


Possums are protected by law. A licensed Possum controller or AWARE should be contacted if you are having trouble with possums on your property.


Snakes are protected by law. If you have a problem with a snake on your property, you should contact a licenced snake handler.

Local Wildlife

Visit the Atlas of Living Australia website for information on local wildlife.

For more information on Frankston’s diverse native fauna please see the webpage below:

Please Note

Frankston City Council assists wildlife rescue groups though its support of the Frankston Environmental Friends Network (FEFN).  Frankston Environmental Friends Network is a network of various environmentally focused groups who work together to promote, maintain and restore Frankston's vibrant flora and fauna.

After Hours Contact

1300 322 322 to report emergency matters including dog attacks or threatening animals.