FRRRC Frankston Regional Recycling and Recovery Centre

Frankston Regional Recycling and Recovery Centre - FRRRC

It's great value and a convenient way to get rid of green waste, hard waste and recyclables.



Open to the public with COVID Safe measure in place.

Accepted Items at FRRRC

Accepted Items

What you can and can't take to FRRRC, you’ll find lots are free.

Trade Business at FRRRC

Business and Trades People

FRRRC works for business. Our roads are paved, the site is safe and easy to use. Drop off timber, green waste, concrete plus...

Households Items at FRRRC

Household items at FRRRC

Get your spare room back. Drop off lots at FRRRC for free or low cost. Furniture, paint, white goods, e-waste, batteries and more.

Prices for FRRRC

Prices for FRRRC

The costs for residents (discounted) and non residents. Sort your hard waste load and save.

Opening Times of FRRRC

Site Map for FRRRC

FRRRC is open everyday and easy to find. Find out what goes where, so you can plan ahead.

Videos of FRRRC

Take a Video Tour of FRRRC

Watch 1 minute videos on how accessible and easy FRRRC is to visit.

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