Native Fauna

Frankston City is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, fish and invertebrates. A number of our native animals are endangered or threatened. We even have 17 species of migratory birds from the northern hemisphere that visit our internationally protected Seaford Wetlands.

Wildlife occupies public and private land so maintaining and improving habitat values on your property helps conserve our native animals. You might not even realise that your property is actually providing an important food source or wildlife link for our native animals.

Protecting wildlife on your property

There are many ways you can help to protect and encourage wildlife on your property, including:

  • Create habitat for wildlife on your property by planting trees, shrubs and ground covers or creating a frog pond
  • Use less chemicals in your garden
  • Be a responsible pet owner by ensuring you leave your cat in at night or creating a cat run
  • Control pest animals and environmental weed species on your property

Injured wildlife

If you find a sick or injured animal, you can contact a number of networks for assistance. Local veterinary clinics, local animal shelters and Australian Wildlife Assistance Rescue and Education (AWARE) can assist.

  • Australian Wildlife Assistance Rescue and Education (AWARE) - 0412 433 727
  • Brighton and Portsea 24 hour Emergency Hotline 0435 822 699
  • Help for Wildlife Emergency Service - 0417 380 687
  • Peninsula Animal Aid - 03 5978 6811
  • Wildlife Help On Mornington Peninsula (WHOMP) 0417 380 687 and 0417 395 883  
  • Wildlife Victoria 1300 094 535

Mapping Frankston’s Wildlife

Frankston City Council needs your help. We want to map where wildlife are in Frankston. Furry, feathered and scaly – all animals count. 

If you see one, dead or alive, go to our online map, drop a pin in the area you spotted the wildlife, if you can, take a photo and upload it too.

We will be using this information to inform how we track and protect the wildlife we discover as a community. 

Online Wildlife Map

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