Biodiversity is the variety of life in an area including the animals, plants and micro-organisms.

Biodiversity - The value of trees - wildlife


Protection and management of our native plants and animals is essential for the long-term health of our environment.

Environment Weeds

Environmental Weeds

Environmental weeds are a major threat to our natural environment.

Frankston Fauna Linkages and Crossing Structure Design Report

Fauna Linkages

A detailed reference document providing opportunities for fauna movements in Frankston.

Native animals - Butterfly

Native Fauna

Frankston City is home to a wide variety of animals and wildlife.

Native vegetation - montage - ShowyBossiaea

Native Flora

Local native (indigenous) vegetation provides shelter and food sources for native wildlife.

Indian Mynahs

Pest Animals

Pest animals pose a serious threat to the biodiversity of Frankston City.

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