Councillor Appreciation Award

The Councillor Appreciation Award is an opportunity for Councillors to recognise individuals or groups who have made a significant contribution or service to Frankston City.

A Councillor Appreciation Award is presented at each council meeting and recipients go into the running to be selected by an independent community panel for the annual Citizen of the Year Award held in January. Nominees are limited to receiving one Councillor Appreciation Award per council term. 

Council are also running the Citizen of the Year Awards which you can check out here.

Councillors invite members of the community to submit nominations.

Eligibility for Nominees:

  1. Nominees should reside in Frankston City or have made an outstanding contribution or service to Frankston City.
  2. Contribution recognised within the current nomination year (1 October to 30 September), and/or an outstanding service over a number of years.
  3. Known for their continued commitment in areas such as: education, health, fundraising, charitable and voluntary services, business, environment.
  4. Leadership demonstrated towards enhancing the benefit and wellbeing outcomes of the Frankston City community.
  5. Demonstrated passion and dedication for helping others in their community.

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