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2016 Census Quick Stats for Frankston City

The Australia Bureau of Statistics has released the first comprehensive set of data from the 2016 Census which had a 95.1 per cent response rate.

Council uses Census data to help understand, analyse and compare Frankston City’s changing and diverse community characteristics, residential housing needs along with economic and demographic profile.

This information is vital to ensure the work Council undertakes in delivering programs, infrastructure and services supports the many needs of our growing community.

Population 134,143

  • 48.8% Male
  • 51.2% Female
  • 38yr Median age

Families 35,552

  • 1.8 Average children per family

Family Composition

  • 12,058 (33.9%) Couple without children
  • 15,607 (43.9%) Couple with children
  • 7,275 (20.5%) One parent family
  • 604 (1.7%) Other family
  • 9,016 Children aged 0-4yrs
  • 10,719 Primary school students locally
  • 7,968 Secondary school students
  • 8,069 Tertiary students (Uni, TAFE etc)

Private Dwellings

  • 2.5 Average people per household
  • $1,331 Weekly household income
  • $1,621 Median monthly mortgage repayment
  • $306 Median weekly rent
  • 1.8 Average motor vehicles per dwelling

Changes in Frankston City

Changes in Frankston City since the last Census include

  1. 6 per cent increase in population to 134,143 people
  2. Additional 827 people owning a residential property
  3. Average weekly household income just below that of Victoria at $1,331

More Stats and Information

Frankston City Community Profile

As part of the Frankston City Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017-2021 the following statistics have been collected.