Registration for 4-year-old kindergarten

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Registrations for 4-year-old kindergartens below:

Register for 4-Year Old Kindergarten in 2022

Register for 4-Year Old Kindergarten in 2021

Where is it offered?

Funded 4-year-old kindergarten is offered in community kindergartens, child care centres, children's centres and schools and is managed by volunteer committees, or not for profit early years managers.

Nominating kindergarten preferences 

You are only required to nominate one (1) kindergarten preference. Due to limited availability you are not guaranteed to receive a place at your preferred kindergarten.  If there are no vacancies at your preferred kindergarten you will be added to that waiting list.  You can only be on ONE list – you cannot be on multiple waiting lists and you cannot accept an offer of a place at one kindergarten and also be on a waiting list for another kindergarten.

Do NOT submit multiple registrations for different kindergartens.  Only one registration per child per year.  If you need to amend an existing registration please contact the Children’s Services Support Officer on 9784 1862 or email

If you would like to inquire further about kindergarten vacancies for the current year please contact the Children’s Services Support Officer on 9784 1862. 

Is my child eligible?

To be eligible for funded 4-year-old kindergarten children must be 4 years of age or older by 30 April in the year they start kindergarten.

What does it cost?

The Victorian Government is investing up to $169.6 million to offer Free Kindergarten in 2021, to give our kids the best start in life. This means more children will have access to quality early childhood education before they start school. Your service is participating in this program and your family will benefit in 2021.

All families with a child enrolled in a funded participating kindergarten program are eligible for Free Kinder, in either sessional or long day care services.

Payments will be made directly to participating kindergarten service providers. The saving will be passed on to families though reduced fees. You will not receive a lump sum payment or allowance.