Community Vision 2040


Our Community Vision 2040 was developed by our community to articulate its long-term aspirations for the future of our City.

The Community Vision 2040 provides an aspirational description of what our community wants for the future of our municipality, in terms of its look, feel and liveability. It also captures what our community most values about Frankston City and connects it to our municipality as a place to live, work, study and visit.

Our Community Vision 2040 was created by a representative community panel of residents, and voiced in their own words. To achieve this, the panel participated in a deliberative engagement process to consider a broad range of information and weigh up the issues in determining the community’s aspirations for the future of our municipality.

The Community Vision 2040 forms part of Council’s strategic planning and reporting framework to ensure Council incorporates a long-term view of the community’s desired future into strategic planning and decision making. In particular, the Community Vision will help to shape the strategic priorities and directions in the four-year Council Plan to be established at the start of each Council term.

Vision2040 Themes-min.PNG