Make an online payment

You can make a range of payments online using our secure online services.

If you need to make multiple payments at once, you can complete the process for each payment and submit them all together as one payment for processing.

Please note we only accept Visa and Mastercard for online payments. 

Make an online payment

Types of Online Payments

Rates Notice Payments

To pay your rates online you will need the assessment number printed on your rates notice.

Pay your rates

To learn more about other ways to pay your rates or if you would like to apply for a payment plan, please visit the Paying Your Rates page.

Infringement Notice Payments

You will need the infringement number found on your notice to pay for the following infringements online:

  • Parking Infringement
  • Animal Infringement      
  • Building Infringement    
  • Environmental Health Infringement
  • Infrastructure Infringement
  • Local Laws Infringement           
  • Miscellaneous Infringement       
  • Planning Infringement

Pay or appeal a parking infringement

Animal Registration Renewal Payments

To pay your pet registration renewal fee online you will need the animal reference number found on your pet registration renewal notice.

If you are registering a pet for the first time, please visit the Pet Registration and Renewal page.

Register your pet

Renew your pet registration

Permit Renewal Payments

To pay the renewal fee for a range of permits you will need the payment reference number found on your invoice.

Includes the following permit renewal payments:

  • Food and Health Business Permits
  • Kerbside Trading Permits
  • Residential Parking Permits
  • Septic Tank Permits

Application Fee Payments

To pay the application fee for a range of permits and services, you will need the online payment reference number found on your notice.

This includes the following permits and services:

  • Planning Permits
  • Building Permits
  • Subdivisions
  • Kindergarten registration

Hall Hire Payments

To pay online for hall hire bookings, you will need the online payment reference number and invoice number found on your hall booking invoice.

Accounts Receivable

To pay online any other Council invoices, including Aged Care, Meals on Wheels, Recreation & Sporting Clubs, you will need the account number and amount found on your invoice.