Frantastic Food Awards Program

Council’s ‘Frantastic Food Safety Awards’ program provides local food handling businesses with the opportunity to showcase their commitment to providing customers with the safest possible food. 

In addition, Council recognises that food proprietors must be supported to implement the requirements of the Victorian Food Act 1984.

The program also provides medium and high-risk food businesses (class 1 and 2) with an overview of their performance in relation to best practice standards and incentivises higher standards.

Frantastic Food Safety Awards will only be presented to those businesses considered excellent operators and leaders within our local food industry.

Award winners also:  

  • Receive a Frantastic Food Safety Award certificate and window sticker to display in their business
  • Are considered for inclusion in various Council publications
  • Become eligible for to receive one of four Finest Food Safety Awards

To learn more about the Frantastic Food Awards download a copy of the selection criteria and guidelines, available in the Related Documents section of this page.