Pedal-assisted e-bikes

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Frankston City has 150 pedal-assisted e-bikes provided by Neuron Mobility. ‘Virtual parking locations’ can be found throughout Frankston City suburbs including Seaford, Frankston North, Karingal, Frankston foreshore and Frankston South, including outside Peninsula Health, Monash University Peninsula Campus and the Visitor Information Centre.

To learn more, download the Neuron App below, visit Discover Frankston or see FAQs below.

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Pedal-assisted e-bike FAQs


How much does it cost?

To pay as you go, it will cost AU$1 to unlock the e-bike and 45 cents per minute thereafter. More frequent users can purchase Neuron Passes: a subscription service, available in three-day (AU$25), weekly (AU$33), or monthly (AU$99) options. The packages will allow users to ride as many times as they want, for up to 90 minutes per day, for a fixed, affordable price. This option eliminates unlocking fees and saves riders up to 96 per cent.

You can earn ride credits by taking the Neuron app safety quiz or find out more about other riding incentives by downloading the Neuron App below:

Download the Neuron app from the App Store

Download the Neuron app from the Google Play store

Are concessions available?

Concessions are available via the Neuron Mobility App and provided by Neuron Mobility to students and senior citizens.

How much money is Frankston City Council making from the e-bikes?

Frankston City Council does not make any money from the Neuron Mobility pedal-assisted e-bikes. Riders pay fares to Neuron Mobility direct.

How much money has this cost rate payers?

There is zero cost to rate payers. Riders pay fares to Neuron Mobility direct.

Renting an e-bike

How do you rent a pedal-assisted e-bike?

Riders will be able to book and use the e-bikes through Neuron’s user-friendly app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and set up in a matter of minutes.

Download the Neuron app from the App Store

Download the Neuron app from the Google Play store

Do you need a permit to ride?  

Permits for Neuron Mobility pedal-assisted e-bikes are not required, therefore making them available to everyone over the age of 18 years.

If privately owned e-bikes operate following the current VicRoads regulations and guidance, there are no permit requirements from Frankston City Council. 

Please refer to VicRoads for further information:

Locations and riding areas

Where can I find a pedal-assisted e-bike?

There will be over 30 convenient, incentivised and dockless parking stations across the municipality that will be visible to riders in the Neuron app.  


Where do I park the e-bike when I am finished using it?

The pedal-assisted e-bikes can be parked in any location within the designed riding zone, however we would encourage riders to return the e-bikes to one of the 30+ convenient, incentivised and dockless parking stations across the municipality that will be visible to riders in the Neuron app. 

Is there a designated riding area?

Yes. The initial 12 month trial incorporates Seaford, Frankston North, Frankston, Frankston South. If the trial is a success, we would hope to bring additional pedal-assisted e-bikes to Skye, Sandhurst, Carrums Downs, Baxter, Langwarrin and Langwarrin South. 

Why isn’t my suburb included in the designated riding area?

We have a set number of e-bikes during this 12 month trial period. Spreading the bikes too thinly throughout the Municipality will result in a poorer user experience if people cannot access a bike.

We have initially identified a zoned area which has the highest probable chance of usage, but we do have the opportunity to move into additional locations depending on customer demand.

We will be constantly monitoring and adjusting the riding zone throughout the trial, with feedback from users and the wider community.

What happens if I ride outside of the designated riding areas?

The pedal-assisted e-bikes cannot be ridden out of the geo-zoned riding areas within the boundaries of Frankston City. Should a rider approach a no-riding zone the motor will safely shut down. The motor will automatically re-activate once the bike is back within the geo-zoned riding area. 


What is the speed?

The e-bike motor will provide power-assist until the e-bike reaches a speed of 25km/h. This speed is also limited in certain locations for safety reasons. These slow-zones will be set by Council and work in conjunction with GPS and geolocation.

What are the safety features?

Each pedal-assisted e-bike is equipped with a 000 emergency button which can tell if someone has had a fall and helps the rider call the emergency services. Voice guidance educates and warns riders on how to ride safely. The ‘Follow My Ride’ function allows riders to share their trip with friends and family in real time, for added safety and peace of mind.

The Neuron operations team works around the clock doing safety checks, changing batteries and cleaning the pedal-assisted e-bikes.

Do the bikes comes with helmets?

Yes. A Neuron Mobility cycle helmet accompanies each e-bike and can be unlocked and re-locked during trips via the Neuron Mobility app. Riders do not need to provide their own helmets.

General information

How long will pedal-assisted e-bikes be available in Frankston City?

Initially, Frankston City Council has come to an agreement with Neuron Mobility for a 12 month trial – from January 2022 to January 2023. Should the trial prove successful, based on popularity, user experience, community feedback and limited damage/littering, we would investigate options for longer terms plans. 

How will bike littering be controlled?

Every pedal assisted e-bike is fitted with GPS and controlled by geofencing so bike locations are always known. At the end of each day, Neuron Mobility’s 24/7 operations team collects and returns the e-bikes to the ‘preferred parking’ areas, ready for the next user. Every e-bike also has topple detection which means that if they are left on their side, Neuron’s ground [SS1] team gets an alert and moves to reposition it safely.

Are the bikes environmentally friendly?

Neuron Mobility e-bikes are carbon neutral, emission free and charged using 100 per cent renewable energy – in alignment with Frankston City Council’s Zero Emissions strategy.

Are the bikes COVID safe?

Neuron sanitisation teams will be working around the clock to keep e-bikes germ-free, using hospital-grade disinfectant, approved by The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), to kill a broad range of bacteria and viruses including COVID-19. There are also reminders in the app.

Additionally, rider and trip data can help with contact tracing if required.


Learn more about the pedal-assisted e-bike launch here