Frankston City Centre e-scooter trial

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Following the State Government’s decision to extend shared e-scooter trials across Victoria, Frankston City Council is undertaking a small-scale e-scooter trial in the City Centre. The four-month program with Neuron Mobility will involve 75 e-scooters in specified areas of Frankston’s city centre and foreshore area. It will include geofencing technology to establish slow and no-go zones and ensure dedicated parking zones are used at the end of each trip. The trial will provide data and insights about safe e-scooter use in Frankston City and the potential economic, environmental and transport benefits for Frankston.  

For the most up to date riding map, and to learn more, visit the Neuron App or see FAQs below.

E-scooter trial FAQs


How much does it cost?

For the most up-to-date pricing and promotions, please check the Neuron app which can be downloaded via Neuron's website and the App Store or Google Play.

You can earn free credits by completing the modules in Neuron’s online safety school ScootSafe Academy. 

Are concessions available?

Concession prices are available via the Neuron Mobility App and provided by Neuron Mobility to students and those who hold eligible concession cards.

How much money is Frankston City Council making from the e-bikes?

Frankston City Council does not make any money from the Neuron e-scooter scheme. Riders pay fares to Neuron Mobility directly.

How much money has this cost rate payers?

There is zero cost to rate payers. Riders pay fares to Neuron Mobility direct.

Locations and riding areas

Where can I find an e-scooter?

E-scooters can be ridden in the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre (FMAC). Neuron’s e-bikes will be available for those looking to travel a longer distance.  

For the most up to date riding map visit the Neuron App. 

Where do I park the e-scooter when I am finished using it?

There are dedicated Parking Zones highlighted on Map where e-scooters can be parked. Geofencing will also ensure e-scooters are parked in one of the many designated parking locations across the riding area. Details of exactly where riders can park can be found on the Neuron App.

What happens if I ride outside of the designated riding areas?

Neuron’s e-scooters are fitted with GPS and geofencing which controls where they can be ridden and parked and their speed limits in different areas; they will gradually come to a safe stop if they leave the trial’s riding area.

How will you stop people from throwing the e-scooters in creeks and the Bay?

E-scooters are fitted with GPS and are controlled by geofencing. If e-scooters are ridden out of the riding area, they lose power entirely. Neuron’s e-scooters also have topple detection which means that if they are left on their side their ground ops team gets an alert and then moves to reposition it safely. Geofencing also controls speed in some areas.

Safety and riding rules

What are the riding rules in Frankston?


  • Neuron riders must be 16 years old and above
  • e-scooters cannot be ridden on the footpath
  • e-scooters can only be ridden on bicycle lanes, bicycle paths, shared paths, and low-speed roads with a speed limit of 60km/h or less
  • only one rider allowed per device, and no tandem riding with children
  • wearing a helmet is mandatory, there is one on every device
  • maintain a safe distance between riders and pedestrians
  • give way to pedestrians and mobility devices (such as wheelchairs) at all times
  • do not ride under the influence of alcohol or any other substance
  • park responsibly, don't obstruct access areas, don’t park too close to a junction.

To learn more about how to park and ride responsibly head to ScootSafe Academy.


Report an issue

How can I contact Neuron?

If you have any questions about Neuron’s e-bike or e-scooter operations please contact their customer service team via the app, phone or email: