School based programs


Frankston Youth Services offer a range of free programs to all schools in the Frankston municipality.

Programs can be:

  • tailored to meet the needs of your school
  • offered as pre-packaged programs.

If you would like to learn more about our school based programs please contact us to discuss your options.

Grade 6 Transition Program

Setting: Classroom session (one period, once of session)

Audience: Grade 6 students

Overview: Program aims to assist young people with the transition from Primary to Secondary school through exploration of strengths, support people and opportunities available to them throughout their high school experience. The importance of seeking support and the idea of Year 7 as a time for exploration and discovery are discussed. This program can be tailored to your school’s needs.

The What Program

Setting: Tailored classroom sessions (over several weeks)

Audience: High school students

Overview: The What Program aims to empower students by exploring various topics and opportunities, connecting them to community, and raising awareness of local programs and support that allow them to pursue their passions and aspirations, while providing ongoing support in response to current challenges and needs. This is done through engaging, interactive workshops, with the ability to tailor sessions to specific student needs.

Frankston Youth Service Information Session

Setting: 10-15 minute classroom or assembly spoken presentation

Audience: Students aged 12-24 years

Overview: A 10-15 minute run down on the programs, support and events offered by Frankston Youth Service.

Example of the program in action: One of our qualified and experience youth workers speaking in front of the students about the programs, events, and support offered by Frankston Youth Service.

The What Bus

Setting: On our mobile youth What Bus at various locations.

Audience: Students aged 12-24 years.

Overview: The What Bus can be hired out for outreach opportunities that align with Frankston Youth Services’ core purpose as an extra layer of support for young people within the Frankston Municipality.

Example of hire opportunities may include:

  • festivals and celebrations
  • youth and community events
  • promotional days
  • sports and activity days  
  • school or community wellbeing days.

Examples of the program in action: This Bus is custom fitted with gaming facilities, laptop stations, giant games, food, prizes and much more; the activities we provide depend on the needs of the school.  


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