School Based Programs


Frankston Youth Services offer a range of FREE programs to all schools in the Frankston municipality.

Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your school or can be offered as pre-packaged programs. If you would like a program to be tailored to your school’s needs please contact Frankston Youth Services to discuss your options.

Grade 6 Transition Program

Setting: Classroom session (One period, once of session)

Audience: Grade 6 students

Overview: The program aims to assist young people with the transition from Primary to Secondary school through exploration of strengths, support people and opportunities available to them throughout their high school experience. The importance of help seeking behaviour and the idea of Year 7 as a time for exportation and discovery are emphasized. This program can be tailored to your school’s needs.

Year 7 Program

Setting: Classroom sessions

Audience: Year 7 students

Overview: The year 7 program is about creating a positive environment amongst students in a fun and safe atmosphere as they are transitioning into high school.

Aside from offering year 7 students a recreational based session, this is about informing young people about the different supports they can access within their school and community, including teachers, wellbeing staff, youth workers and external services.

This program is also a chance to check in with students about how they are coping with year 7 and their transition into high school and to provide extra assistance, and to encourage peer support and growth.

Examples of the Program in Action: A mixture of games, and discussion this program seeks to allow students to get to know each other better through ice-breakers, discussion of expectation vs realities of entering high school and one on one discussions between students and teachers.

Lunchtime Engagement Program

Setting: Lunchtime once a week

Audience: Suitable for Year 7s (Depends on the needs of the school)

Overview: Lunchtime programs are aimed at providing a recreational outlet for young people during school hours as well as connecting them to the local youth service.

Year 7 only lunchtime programs are aimed at giving the year 7’s a place during lunchtime where they can feel safe and relaxed and spend some time with their friends doing recreational activities with the youth workers. The aim is to help assist them with their transition to high school to make it at smooth as possible, by giving them a safe place to go if they may be feeling overwhelmed etc.

Example of the Program in Action: The activities we provide depend on the needs of the school, options are inside a classroom with board games and WiiU, XBOX etc, or outside or in a hall playing basketball, football and other recreational activities.

Frankston Youth Service Information Session

Setting: 10-15 minute classroom or assembly spoken presentation

Audience: Students between 12-18 years.

Overview: A 10-15 minute run down on the programs, support and events offered by Frankston Youth Service.

Example of the Program in Action: One of our qualified and experience youth workers speaking in front of the students about the programs, support and events offered by Frankston Youth Service.

The 'What Bus'

Setting: On the Frankston Mobile Youth Service’s ‘The What Bus’.

Audience: Students between 12-18 years.

Overview: The ‘What Bus’ can be hired out for outreach opportunities that align with Frankston Youth Services’ core purpose as an extra layer of support for young people within the Frankston Municipality.

Example of hire opportunities may include festivals/youth recognition events, promotional days, sports days and school/ community wellbeing days.

Examples of the program in action: This Bus is custom fitted with gaming facilities, laptop stations, giant games and much more; the activities we provide depend on the needs of the school.

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