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Festival of Lights Ride

Events Update during COVID-19

Please stay across COVID-19 restrictions via the State Government website and the Department of Health and Human Services websites.

Two essential websites for event planning during COVID-19 are the Restricted Activity Directions and the Public Events Framework settings.

Event Application Process, Decisions and Timeframes

To ensure your event runs smoothly and all relevant stakeholders are notified in advance and to ensure you have all relevant policies, procedures and documents in place, we ask that you to follow the steps outlined in the event application process.

Please read all information on this page and if you require more detailed information please see the Event Planning Guide in the related documents.

Submission of an application form does not constitute approval for your event. Internal stakeholders will then consider your application and you will be contacted with details of further information required to complete your application.

It is recommended to submit documentation three (3) months prior to your event.

This time is used to circulate your application around Council to ensure all necessary stakeholders have been advised and allows time to gain their approval.

Provided all information has been supplied on time, and there are no major concerns your letter of no objection will be issued between 7 and 14 days prior to the event.

When is a Frankston City Council letter of no objection required?

A letter of no objection will be issued from Frankston City Council when you are hosting or running an event in a public space on Council owned/managed land within the municipality. This includes, but not limited to parks, reserves, foreshores, car parks, streets, nature strips etc.

Types of Applications Available

Minor Events – Under 500 participants and/or spectators.

Major Event – Over 500 participants and/or spectators

For major event applications please complete this form.

Wedding Ceremony Application

Filming and Photography

Invite the Mayor and/or Councillors to attend your event

If you have an upcoming event and would like to invite the Mayor and/or Councillors, please complete the Invitation to Mayor and Councillors online form.



Document Requirements - All Events

As you are aware, events vary and as such the requirements will vary for each event depending on location, size and scale. At a minimum the below documents are required for your application to be considered. 

Event Management Plan Documents

  • Site map
  • Risk management plan
  • Public liability insurance for the event organiser and your event
  • Traffic Management plan, which includes vehicle movement on your site as well as any road closures
  • Waste management plan explaining how waste and recycling at your event will be managed, including during and after the event
  • Confirmation that your event complies with Council’s Waste Wise Events Policy (see related documents for summary)
  • Ensure your risk assessment and event plan outline how you will adhere to Council's child safe policy.

Additional Documents

You may also be required to submit the additional following documents or information:

  • Place of Public Entertainment Form. For non-prescribed structures installed at your event
  • Copy of resident notification letter that you will send to residents within a 500m radius around your event site
  • Crowded Places threat assessment 
  • Emergency Services notification. We require responses from Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria
  • Liquor License – apply through VCGLR
  • List of food and beverage vendors
  • Amusement ride documentation  
  • Animal management plans if having animal rides or petting zoos
  • Fireworks require an application to Worksafe and CASA
  • Drones require at a minimum, a flight path, a pilot license, RPA operators certificate and a pedestrian management plan.
  • External authorities approval, including Parks Victoria or Department of Environment Water Land and Planning (DELWP)
  • Total fire ban permits if applicable.

Event Fees and Charges

Charges that may apply to your event, include:

  • Bonds
  • Application Fees
  • Filming and Photography Fees (low impact is exempt)
  • Waste Bin Hire
  • Application Fee for Place of Public Entertainment if a POPE is required. (Weekend inspections will incur an additional fee if this is deemed necessary.)
  • Late Application fees

Facilities at Event Sites

Some event locations have provisions for facilities, such as toilets, power, water and waste facilities.

If your event is utilising the bathroom facilities on site you will need to manage restocking and cleanliness of these facilities during the event.

Power and water access can be provided if available at the event location.

Waste facilities, if there are permanent bin facilities on the site, provisions may need to be made to ensure these are still emptied accordingly. There is an option to hire bins through Council’s external contractor, fees will apply.

Smoking at Events

As per the Tobacco Act 1987 and the state government’s introduction of new smoking bans in August 2017, smoking is banned in all outdoor eating areas.  These bans include market and event organisers whose events incorporate food. More information can be found at health.vic.gov.au.  

Free Listings for Your Event

We want the community to know about your events. Please upload your event advertisement to the following pages:

Community Grant Program

If you wish to apply for a Community event grant, please visit the page for application deadlines and eligibility criteria.

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