Safe Boat Refuge and Coast Guard facility

With more residents and visitors coming to Frankston every year, our bay is busier than ever before. Frankston Volunteer Coast Guard responded to more than 150 incidents in the past year alone, and the number of people out on the water is rapidly increasing.

Currently, no safe refuge from severe weather and rough sea exists in Frankston for Coast Guard and Water Police. Vessels are currently deployed from Patterson River, Sandringham or Williamstown, delaying rescues by up to 100 minutes or preventing them in adverse weather.

On top of that, after many decades and numerous restoration works the Coast Guard's operations centre had reached the end of its serviceable life and was demolished leaving them without a permanent home. Frankston City Council has stepped in and provided temporary facilities.

Council has worked with key stakeholders to develop a plan to fix these problems which will allow the Coast Guard to respond to emergencies quickly and will allow boaters to safely retrieve their vessel in any weather.

Initial concept plans for a Coast Guard facility and safe boat refuge at Olivers Hill have been drafted and preliminary investigations completed. As a result, further community consultation and more in-depth environmental studies are being undertaken.

In order to deliver this project, Council has committed $8 million and requires equal contributions of $8 million from both state and federal governments.

More information, draft plans and frequently asked questions please view attachments.

Document Update

The ‘Draft concept plan for Safe Boat Refuge’ document was updated on 22 January 2019 to include location of the proposed mooring points for emergency vessels and clearer illustration of the breakwater, as requested by community members during consultation sessions.

Provide your feedback

*The current consultation period for this project has ended.

Your feedback is important to us and will help guide out next steps in the development of this project.

Council hosted a number of community 'drop-in' information sessions to view the proposed plans, learn more about the project, have questions answered and provide feedback to help inform the future plans.

Results of the survey will be presented to Councillors in a report at a future Ordinary Meeting.

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