Tender Submissions

It is a good idea to compress or ‘zip’ your response to save space and reduce upload time.

It is strongly recommended that if your file(s) are in excess of 10MB in total and/or you are transferring data from within a corporate network that you are able to do so without restriction.  We suggest you speak with your network administrator or IT staff and advise them the size of the files you intend to submit to ensure that internal file size restrictions in your network or from your PC Do Not prevent you from uploading.


Large files may take a while to upload and the electronic tender box may experience a high traffic volume load leading up to the nominated tender close date and time.  The time required to upload the tender document(s) may vary depending on your internet speed, size of document(s) and many other factors.  The tenderer should allow sufficient time to upload all tender submission document(s).  Therefore it is advisable to not leave it to the last moment submitting your tender, as disappointment may be encountered if your tender submission has not fully completed its upload by the nominated closing date and time.  It is your responsibility to ensure you allow enough time to upload and commit your response.  As a guide, you should begin your file transfer at least 1 hour prior to the nominated closing time.

All documents must be submitted in PDF or Microsoft Office Format (Word) only. References to a Dropbox, Cloud or any other third party links will not be accepted.


Email tenders as per detailed in Part A of tender documentation. Faxed or hard printed copies submitted to Council officers or Council sites will not be accepted.

File transfers still in progress at the exact closing time Will Not be accepted.

Frankston City Council is under no obligation to accept and/or consider late responses.

You must lodge the Tender Offer and supporting material in the Electronic Tender Box by the Closing Date and Time only.

Email Confirmations

Receipt of tender submissions is only when the tender document(s) are fully received at the electronic Tender Box Not when they have been sent.