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Tuesday 7 September, 6.30pm online via Zoom

The Committee of the Frankston Susono Friendship Association Inc. would like to encourage members of the community to attend their Annual General Meeting. This community based organisation administers Frankston’s sister city relationship with Susono, Japan, on behalf of the people of Frankston. All interested persons would be warmly welcomed. For further information and to register to receive the Zoom link, please visit the FSFA website here

For more than 34 years Frankston has demonstrated that it is an inclusive community by having highly regarding “sister city” relationship with Susono in Japan.  The sister city relationship between Frankston and Susono was established on 22 February 1982.  The relationship was initially facilitated by the Yazaki company. Susono is the world headquarters of Yazaki and Frankston is the location of the Oceania operations.

Susono City is located on the Pacific coast of Japan's Honshu Island, 150 kilometres (94 miles) south of Tokyo, at the foot of Mount Fuji. Susono has a population of over 50,000 residents.

Frankston Susono Friendship Association (FSFA)

Frankston Susono Friendship Association (FSFA) is a group of passionate volunteer citizens from Frankston City who administer the sister city relationship on behalf of the people of Frankston. The Susono side (Susono Overseas Friendship Association) is administered in a similar way. All the activities/ projects are created and undertaken by the Associations. The sister city relationship:

  • Enable the citizens of Frankston to become global citizens by sponsoring and facilitating interaction with another culture
  • Promote and assist development of relationships with Japanese related organisations and businesses
  • Promote travel to and from Japan
  • Promote and celebrate Japanese culture through performances, displays and exhibitions
  • Give the citizens of Frankston life changing experiences
  • Promote the continued development of students through cultural exchanges and study abroad programs in both Frankston and Susono

To Learn More

If you would like more information on the Frankston Susono Friendship Association and our relationship with Susono, please visit the Frankston-Susono website.