Work Experience

Frankston City Council (Council) offers Work Experience and Placement opportunities to secondary and tertiary students currently studying at a registered training organisation or educational institution.

Council recognises the importance of Work Experience and Placement and the benefits they provide to both the students and Council. Our Program helps students meet their educational requirements and enhance their skills and knowledge, while being exposed to a real working environment. Students are placed within Council primarily to observe and learn rather than undertake activities which require extensive training or experience.

Council has a Work Experience Program for Year 10 Students which provides them with the opportunity to work in a variety of Departments during their period of Work Experience.

Council provides tertiary students (students enrolled in TAFE, Colleges, schools for students with disabilities, and Universities) with work placements relevant to their area of study to ensure that students meet their specific educational requirements.

Applicants should note that, while every effort is made to place students, due to high demand, particularly at peak times of the year such as June and November, we may not be able to accommodate all students. Priority is given to students who are currently living and/or studying within the Frankston municipality.

Please provide Council with at least five (5) weeks’ notice of your interest in undertaking Work Experience or Placement. Applicants wanting to apply for Work Experience or Placement are required read the Work Experience and Placement Information Sheet and complete the Work Experience Expression of Interest Application Form.