Integrated Water Management

In 2016, Council adopted its Integrated Water Action Plan (2016-2026) outlining key actions that Council can deliver to achieve integrated water management outcomes. The Plan sets out Council’s vision for integrated water management, including targets and actions that reflect local conditions and opportunities.

View or download the Integrated Water Action Plan (2016-2026)(PDF, 11MB) .

What is integrated water management?

Integrated water management (IWM) looks at the urban water cycle in a holistic way, bringing together all parts of the water cycle – including water usage, rainwater, stormwater, wastewater and groundwater. Traditional approaches have often considered these parts in isolation.

IWM helps to identify opportunities that deliver multiple benefits, for the community, the environment and the economy, such as:

  • reducing demand for mains drinking water and improving water security
  • minimising the impact of flooding
  • improving liveability and the local environment
  • protecting and enhancing local biodiversity
  • contributing to cleaner, less polluted waterways and bays
  • increasing resilience to heatwaves and other extremes.

Regionally, Council has been working collaboratively with the Victorian Government, other local councils, water authorities and stakeholders to identify and progress regional IWM priorities. Between 2017 and 2018, Council provided input into the IWM strategic directions for two catchments, the Dandenong Region and Western Port Region.

Dandenong Region

The Dandenong IWM Forum Area encompasses some of Victoria’s most iconic waterways and landscapes. The catchment covers an area of approximately 1,236 km2, extending in the northeast from the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges south to Mornington Peninsula on Port Phillip Bay. It includes regional catchments flowing into Port Phillip Bay from Port Melbourne to Point Nepean. The landscape of the Dandenong catchment varies from mountainous forested areas, wetlands and coastal beaches, to densely populated and expanding areas on Melbourne’s fringe.

View or download the Victorian Government Strategic Directions Statement – Dandenong catchment.

Western Port Region

The Western Port IWM Forum Area lies 70 km to the southeast of Melbourne, Victoria. The catchment covers an area of approximately 3,207 km2, extending from Mount Dandenong in the west and following the southern slopes of the Great Dividing Range to San Remo. The eastern extent of the Forum Area follows through to the centre of the Mornington Peninsula and includes Phillip Island. The Forum Area excludes French Island, which is unincorporated land located to the north of Phillip Island.

View or download the  Victorian Government Strategic Directions Statement - Western Port catchment(PDF, 3MB).