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About Us

Learn more about the role of Council, Councillors, your ward, Council services and Council plans and policies.

Councillor Attendance and Expenses

Councillor Attendance and Expenses

A summury of the Councillor Attendance and Expenses.

Councillor Delegate Committee Meetings

Councillor Delegate Committee

Information about the Councillor Delegate Committee.

Frankston City Councils Civic Centre

Community Satisfaction Survey

Frankston City Council has again stood tall in the annual Community Satisfaction Survey.

Frankston City Council - Ward Map

Electoral Wards

Frankston City consists of three Wards: North-East Ward, North-West Ward and South Ward.


Our Organisation

The who's who of Frankston City Council.

Policies Strategies and Plans

Policies, Plans and Strategies

Council directions which influence decision making and prioritise actions.

Powers of Council

Powers of Council

Council services and role under the Local Government Act.


Service Excellence Commitment

Customer Service is an attitude, not a department.

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