Kindergartens Introduction and Registration

Kindergarten Introduction

4-Year-Old Kindergarten

2019 Offers for  4-Year-Old Kindergarten

The first round of offers will be emailed to families on Monday, 16 July 2018. Families will need to accept or refuse their offers by Friday, 3 August, 2018.

Further rounds of offers will be made after this date until all places are filled.  Families who do not live in the municipality will not be offered a place until all resident/ratepayer families have been offered a place.

2019 Registration for 4-Year-Old Kindergarten

Registrations for 4-year-old kindergarten for 2019 closed on Monday 30 April 2018.

Registrations received will still be accepted, however they will be considered “late” and will not be prioritised during the offer process.  

2018 Registration for 4-Year-Old Kindergarten

Please contact the Children’s Services Support Officer to find out which kindergartens have vacancies for 2018.

Where Is It Offered?

Funded 4-year-old kindergarten is offered in community kindergartens, child care centres, children's centres and schools and is managed by volunteer committees, or not for profit early years managers.

Is My Child Eligible?

To be eligible for funded 4-year-old kindergarten children must be 4 years of age or older by 30 April in the year they start kindergarten.

What Does It Cost?

The Victorian Government subsidises places for eligible children to attend funded 4-year-old kindergarten. An additional subsidy is available to families with an eligible concession card or who have triplets or quadruplets attending in the same year. Families not eligible for this subsidy will be required to pay an attendance fee set by each kindergarten to cover the gap between the Government subsidy and the cost of running the program.

Kindergartens are not managed by Council, and the individual kindergartens set their own fees. For more information regarding funded 4-year-old kindergarten and information regarding eligibility for concessions for funded 4-year-old kindergarten, please visit the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development website by clicking on the link below.

Kindergarten Fee Subsidy

The kindergarten fee subsidy allows children to access up to 15 hours of kindergarten delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher in the year before school for free or at low cost.

Your child is eligible in any of the following circumstances:

  • If your child identifies as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • If your child is identified on their birth certificate as being a multiple birth child (triplets or more).

Or if your child holds or has a parent or guardian who holds, one of the following:

  • A Commonwealth Health Care Card
  • A Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card
  • A Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Card or White Card
  • Refugee or Asylum Seeker visa (200-204 or 866)
  • An ImmiCard

If your family or child has a humanitarian or refugee visa listed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection which is not included in the above list, your child may still be eligible for the kindergarten fee subsidy. Please speak to your kindergarten service for more information.

3-Year-Old Kindergarten

Where Is It Offered?

Most kindergartens within the Frankston municipality offer a 3-year-old kindergarten program. These programs are not subsidised by the State Government so fees are more expensive than 4-year-old kindergarten programs.

Is My Child Eligible?

To be eligible for 3-year-old kindergarten children must be 3 years of age or older by 30 April in the year they start kindergarten.

If your child turns 3 years of age between 1 January and 30 April in the year you wish to start 3-year-old kindergarten, you will be required to pay the term fees to secure your kindergarten place, however your child will not be able to attend until they have turned 3 years of age.

2018 Registration for 3-Year-Old Kindergarten

Please contact the Children’s Services Support Officer to find out which kinders have vacancies for 2018.

2019 Registration for 3-Year-Old Kindergarten

Registrations for 3-year-old kindergarten for 2019 open on Sunday 1 July 2018 and close on Sunday 30 September 2018. 

Early Start Kindergarten

Early Start Kindergarten provides free or low cost kindergarten to eligible three year old children where programs are offered by a qualified teacher. Some services will be able to offer your child a place in a program for four year olds or a mixed age group.

Is My Child Eligible for Early Start Kindergarten?

Your child is eligible for Early Start Kindergarten if they are aged three by 30 April in the year they will be attending a kindergarten program, and:

  • your child is Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, or
  • your family has had contact with Child Protection (or been referred by them to Child FIRST).

What Does It Cost?

Fees are charged for 3-year-old kindergarten and concessions do not apply for this service. Please contact the kindergarten directly to inquire about their fees for 3-year-old kindergarten.

How to Choose a Kindergarten

As some kindergartens can be oversubscribed, you are advised to visit as many kindergartens in your area as possible and decide which kindergarten best suits your child's needs. 

Nominating Kindergarten Preferences 

You will be able to nominate up to three (3) kindergarten preferences.  It is important to nominate more than one kindergarten to maximise your chance of your child being allocated a place at one of your preferred kindergartens. Please note that nominating a preferred kindergarten does not guarantee a place at that kindergarten. 

Preferences can be changed for 4-year-old kindergarten up until the end of April in the year before your child is going to attend kindergarten. To change your kindergarten preference please contact the Children’s Services Support Officer. After April, changes to preferences will be considered as a “late” application and will not be prioritised with the “on time” registrations. 

Preferences can be changed for 3-year-old up until 30 September. To change your kindergarten preference please contact the Children’s Services Support Officer. After 30 September, changes to preferences will be considered as a “late” application and will not be prioritised with the “on time” registrations. 

Kindergarten/School Readiness

In Victoria, the State Government provides funding for 4-year-old children to attend kindergarten the year before commencing school.

Kindergarten for 3-year-old children is not funded by the government.

Legally, children must be 5 years old by 30 April of the year they are commencing school. They may commence school in the year they turn 6 years of age.

If you would like more information about kindergarten please visit the Department of Education Training website.

Kindergarten Groups and Session Times

Kindergartens set their own session times. These sometimes vary from year to year depending on demand. Most kindergartens do not set their session times until the kindergarten offer process is almost finalised, as it is not known until this time what the numbers are for each service. 

Please refer to the session times for 3-year-old and 4-year-old kindergarten.

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