Tenders for Abandoned Vehicles

Tenders are invited for the purchase of the following abandoned vehicles, pursuant to the Local Government Act 1989. 

The current round of Tenders closes at 12pm on Tuesday 4 February 2020.

Vehicles may be inspected at the pound at 12 Pascal Road, Seaford (Melway Ref: 99 J2) between 3.30 and 4.30pm on Wednesday 29th, Thursday 30th and Friday 31st of January 2020 or by appointment by phoning 9784 1917. 

Tenders must be submitted by email to tender.box@frankston.vic.gov.au. Using only the Abandoned Vehicles Tender form available on the Council website. 

Tenders submitted by other means are invalid and will not be accepted.

The highest or any other tender may not necessarily be accepted.

Note: Where possible all vehicles available for Tender and listed below have been checked against the Personal Property Securities Register. Successful tenders will need to take into account registered financial interests, if any.

Council accepts no liability for impounded vehicles released by Tender and which are subsequently found to be financially encumbered. 

  • 1977 Yellow Holden HX Kingswood Utility
    Vehicle ID: 8M80LGH411318X
    Ref: 11012
  • 1966-67 Blue Chrysler Valiant Sedan
    Vehicle ID: RVZ867
    Ref: 11013
  • 1981 Blue Mitsubishi GH Sigma Sedan
    Vehicle ID: GH1P41MI0315682
    Ref: 11014
  • White Mazda E2200 Van
    Vehicle ID: JMOSRYO2200620848
    Ref: 11015
  • 1994 Grey Ford Falcon Sedan
    Vehicle ID:  UXJ 441
    Ref: 12336

  • 1998 Maroon Ford Festiva Sedan 
    Vehicle ID: INC3FK
    Ref: 23781

  • 2000 Silver Daewoo Wagon
    Vehicle ID: 1OA4AH
    Ref: 11101 
  • 2003 Silver Mitsubishi Sedan 
    Vehicle ID: 1NC3FK
    Ref: 23791

  • 2001 Silver Holden Sedan
    Vehicle ID: RJU245 
    Ref: 10080

  • 2007 Silver Mitsubishi Sedan 
    Vehicle ID:  ULC466
    Ref: 12334

  • Blue Yamaha Trail Motorcycle
    Vehicle ID:  EBPCA01W0E0406031
    Ref:  Impounded

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