Contract 2019-20-30 Frankston Arts Centre Box Office Refurbishment Works

The purpose of this Request for Tender (RFT) is to select a licensed commercial builder with experience in the refurbishment and alteration of commercial building to undertake works at Frankston Arts Centre. The works include but are not limited to:

  • Refurbishment and alteration of Box Office Area including Box Office Counter, Box Office Admin, and Staff Room; and
  •  Alteration of Comms Room.

It is a mandatory requirement of this contract that the Contractor be suitably licensed (Commercial Builder Unlimited, Limited-Low Rise, Limited-Medium Rise or Limited-Structural Fit-out Work).

The tender closes at 4pm on Tuesday 03 December 2019


  • There are currently no addendums


Faxed, hard printed copies will not be considered.

Only Tender or EOI documentation emailed to will be accepted.

Please Note:

Frankston City Council use general conditions of contract for the supply of goods and services. The RFT, EOI and RFQ will either include a copy of the terms and conditions or clearly state the Standard General Conditions of Contract.

All documents must be submitted in PDF or Microsoft Office Format (Word) only. References to a Dropbox, Cloud or any other third party links will not be accepted.

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