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Street numbering is important.

It is vital that your property has a clear, visible number on the property.

It is the responsibility and a requirement of all owners and occupiers of residential, commercial and industrial properties - including owners of vacant land to display a street number at the front of their property.

Street numbering displayed should be reflective both day and night and the numbers should be attached to a letterbox, a post, a dedicated board or the boundary fence.

Police, the CFA, SES and ambulance services all report that hidden or non-existent house numbers can waste time, and in an emergency situation every second counts.

Logical sequencing of street numbers helps to identify properties. Frankston City Council endeavours to allocate logical numbering within existing street numbering constraints.

Please note that if you have any queries or concerns about street numbering please contact the Street numbering officer.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Street Numbering

  • What are my responsibilities as an owner / occupier for street numbering?

    Every owner / business owner / occupier is responsible for the street numbering of their property under Local Law No 8 which states:
    “Every owner and occupier is obligated under Local Law No. 8 2.8 12 for the owner or occupier of each property to use and clearly display the street numbering allocated by Council.  In displaying your street number, it must meet the following requirements of Local Law No. 8:
    (a) at least 100mm in height;
    (b) located on the front boundary alignment;
    (c) in a contrasting colour to their background;
    (d) located as near as practical to the driveway and letterbox; and
    (e) visible from both directions

  • I am constructing a new property, what is the new numbering going to be?

    When submitting a building plan to Council, this information will be referred to the Revenue Department to allocate Street numbering. If you are constructing this property as a dual occupancy (i.e. not applying for a Town Planning permit or Subdivision), plans will be referred to the Street numbering officer. The street numbering officer will notify you in writing of the allocation of street numbering.  
  • I am applying for a plan of subdivision, what is the new numbering going to be?

    When a Permit or Plan of subdivision is applied for through our Town Planning team, a referral will be made for street numbering via SPEAR. The Street numbering officer will be notified and street numbering allocated. The street numbering officer will notify you in writing of the allocation of street numbering once statement of compliance is issued. 
  • I am an owner / occupier and cannot connect my internet / electricity / third-party provided service. What do I do?

    Council can assist in resolving this query. Council will provide a confirmation of Street numbering letter to you to pass on to your third party provider. It is an expectation that you put your concerns in writing to to the Attention of the Street numbering officer and a confirmation letter can be either posted or emailed to you. 

More Information

More information on Numbering can be found in the following documents

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