How Rates are Calculated

Rates are calculated based on property value. Landholders with lower-valued properties pay less rates than owners of higher-valued properties.

The formula for calculating rates is:

  • CIV (Capital Improved Value) x rate in the dollar = rate payable


  • CIV of the residential property = $A
  • Rate in the dollar for residential properties = B cents
  • A x B = $Rates

Charges and rebates also impact on the final amount payable.

How your 2019-2020 rates and charges are calculated

How your general Rates and charges are calculated


Municipal Charge
Applied equally to all properties and includes administrative costs such as finance, asset management, information systems, corporate records, human resources and governance requirements.

Fire Services Property Levy 
The Victorian Government requires all councils to collect this fee on their behalf. Details:

Landfill Levy
All Victorian councils are required to collect this on behalf of the Victorian Government which places a tax on all waste going to landfill. The levy is included in waste charges.

Waste Management Charge 2019-2020 for Domestic Properties

  • $380.20 for a 120L rubbish and a 240 litre recycling bin service

  • $302.70 for an 80L rubbish and a 240 litre recycling bin service

  • $145.50 for an optional garden waste bin collection service (green waste)


Concession card holders are eligible for a rate discount, noted as a negative (- minus) figure on the Rate Notice. Visit our concessions page for details.

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Q and A on Rate Calculations

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