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Payment options for your Rates

Paying Your Rates

There are many ways to pay your rates and charges, depending on your circumstances.

Annual Valuations

Annual Valuations

Changes to your Valuations

Apply for an Arrangement to Pay

Apply for an Arrangement to Pay

If you are having financial difficulty you can apply online for an Arrangement to Pay.

Email and SMS Reminder

Emailed Rate Notices

Register to receive your notices online

Application for Farm Rate

Farm Rate Application

A differential rate for farm land is available in the green wedge area.

Fire Services Property Levy

Fire Services Property Levy

Learn more about the Fire Services Property Levy and how it effects you.

How Are Rates Calculated

How Rates are Calculated

All properties within Frankston City Council are revalued every two years.

Rates Q & A

Rates and Charges Q and A for 2019-2020

Frequently asked questions and answers about rates and charges.

Rate capping

Rate Capping

How will the Victorian Government's introduction of Rate Capping affect you.

Change of Mailing Address

Rates Change of Mailing Address

Change your mailing address online.


Rates Concessions

How to apply for a concession on your Rates.

Street Numbers

Street Numbering Enquiries

How to enquire about street numbering allocation or issues.

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